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The Dance to Learn® Certification includes a 10 week online self-paced Certification Courses. Some Certifications include a 3 day hands on training in Denver, Colorado. All Certifications include a 4 week applied Practicum to test each individual’s knowledge prior to receiving their teaching license.

Online Course Learning Objectives

    By the end of the 10 Week Online Certification Course, Learners should be able to:

    • Identify, Compare and Contrast each of the Dance to Learn® Programs
    • Identify the Dance to Learn® Methods of Dance Education
    • Identify the Stages of Development stimulated by each Method of Dance Education
    • Recognize the stages of Development in students in each program
    • Recreate the Dance to Learn® Class Flow
    • List the specific learning objectives based on development in each of the  Dance to Learn® Classes
    • List the benefits to students of each of the learning objectives applied through the  Dance to Learn® Method
    • Identify what each child is learning and how their development is stimulated during each part of the  Dance to Learn® Class Flow
    • Name the Five Stages of Classroom Management
    • Apply appropriate rules, routines and expectations based on age and development of students
    • Name the room types and layouts of different learning environments
    • Recognize techniques to encourage positive classroom behavior
    • Recreate the components of a “Yes” Environment

3 Day Group Hands on Training Learning Objectives

    Day 1: Applying Preschool Program Principles
    Day 2: Applying Elementary Program Principles
    Day 3: Business Sense

    • Learners participate in each of the Dance to Learn® Classes
    • Each Learner will have an opportunity to lead class during different parts of the Dance to Learn® class flow
    • Learners will be able to identify each part of the Dance to Learn® Class Flow
    • Learners will learn how to apply the Methods of Dance Education into the Dance to Learn® class flow
    • Learners will be able to successfully set up the classroom for success
    • Learners will identify the benefits of each part of the Dance to Learn® class and how to explain the benefits while teaching
    • Learners will apply classroom management techniques as they pertained to the online training courses
    • Learners will be able to identify the point of contacts at different locations when marketing their programs
    • Learners will learn how to market programs
    • Learners will receive role play opportunities to apply sales techniques learned

Applied Practicum Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives Applied Practicum

    • Learners will be able to teach two full Dance to Learn® Classes for a 4 week applied practicum
    • Learners will showcase appropriate classroom management techniques based on the age and development of participants
    • Learners will exhibit applied knowledge of the  Dance to Learn® class flow and methods
    • Learners will identify and communicate the benefits to students during each part of the Dance to Learn® class flow
    • Learners will apply feedback and show improvement of teaching skills and knowledge of Dance to Learn® principles throughout the applied practicum


  • Live your passion teaching children quality dance education.
  • Low cost, low overhead solution to have the career of your dreams.
  • You choose your hours allowing you more time with your family.
  • Mobile dance studio business model allowing you to bring dance to more children in your community.
  • Continued Dance Education in both dance education and business savvy.
  • Invest in a 10 year proven program.

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Now Accepting Applications for Final Round 2018

Join Dance to Learn® in our final round of Dance Educator Certifications 2018! We limit applications to 10 Educators per round! We have three rounds of open applications per year. This will be our final round of applications at our roll out pricing!


Join Dance to Learn® during our final round of Certifications at our Roll Out Prices. The Dance to Learn® Certification is an exclusive opportunity for  10 hand picked applicants. We limit our applications to ensure that you receive the best support, education and training as possible! We be closing applications for this final round of applications at the price listed below by  9/30/2018. Selected applicants will be notified on or before 10/7/2018 if they have been selected. Online Training begins for selected participants on 10/15/2018 and must be completed no later than 12/17/2018 (10 consecutive weeks).

Fees: There is a non-refundable $25 application fee. Applications are open to candidates in the United States only.

The non-refundable Certification fee of $550 is due on or before 10/15/2018.


  • 10 Weeks Online Learning
  • 4 Week Applied Practicum
  • Subscription to Dance to Learn® Curriculum Website
  • Subscription to Dance to Learn® University
  • Dance to Learn® Program Website
  • 1,000 Units of Marketing Materials
  • Program Logo
  • 1 Year Licensing Agreement
  • Single User Agreement

Not Included

  • 3 Day Personal Coaching
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