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Dance to Learn® Methods

The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum follows the 5 Methods of Dance™ Education. This Method of Dance Education ensures that each child experiences a developmentally centric approach to dance education which focuses on the whole child. The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum focuses on the five key stages of childhood development: cognitive, social, emotional, creative and motor development; while also following state and national standards of dance education. The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum offers two key programs for Dance Education, the Preschool Program and Elementary Program. Each program follows a Method designed for age and development appropriateness.

Dance Exploration’s Preschool Program follows the 5 Methods of Dance Education developed by the Dance to Learn® Curriculum. The Dance to Learn® Curriculum is a whole-child approach to dance education grounded in research and formulated on state and national standards of dance education.