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The Dance to Learn® Conference Certification Courses for the Creative Dance Curriculum includes 7 Weeks of Online Dance Teacher Training Via a “Live Streamed” conference for attendees to view from the comfort of their own home or studio.

Attendees will live stream and view the following Conference Schedule –

Week 1:
Dance To Learn® Creative Dance Description:
– Description
– Goals
– Themes
– Concepts

Week 2:
Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Class Flow:
– Introducing the Concept
– Brain Dance Warm Ups
– Exploring the Concept
– Developing Skills
– Story Dance Pathway™
– Creating

Week 3:
Dance to Learn® Concepts 1-4
– Space
– Tempo
– Level
– Sizes

Week 4:
Dance to Learn® Concepts 5-8
– Pathways
– Directions
– Positions
– Relationships

Week 5:
Dance to Learn® Concepts 9-12
– Body Shapes
– Anatomy
– Weight
– Energy

Week 6:
Dance to Learn® Concepts 13-14
– Patterns
– Sequencing

Week 7:
D-A-N-C-E-S Classroom Management
Tips and Tricks for Successful Classroom Management

Each week there will be a Knowledge Check Quiz that participants must pass to move forward in the training. Knowledge Check Quizzes must be passed with a 75% or higher. Session tests allow the option for one retake.

After the final week there will be a Final Written Exam including two long written assignments to determine mastery of concepts. This test must be passed with an 80% or higher and can only be completed once.

After successful passing of the Final Written Exam, Each Participant must complete 3-5 live classes for observation and feedback (can be streamed online or recorded and sent electronically). These are required to ensure mastery and application of concepts learned during training.

Once complete the Participant will receive their Dance to Learn® License and Certification to teach the Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum!

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Register for Conference 2 - 1/6 - 2/17/2020 (Early Bird Special SAVE $200)Register for Conference 2

Creative Dance Conference Certification

    By the end of the 7 Week Online Conference, Learners should be able to:

    • Define a Dance to Learn® Creative Dance class
    • Understand student goals and objectives as well as key strategies for student success and mastery
    • Name and Recognize each part of a Creative Dance class and how each part of class contributes to whole child learning.
    • Identify what each child is learning and how their development is stimulated during each part of the  Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Class Flow
    • Recreate the Creative Dance Class Flow
    • Name the 14 different dance concepts studied in a Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Class.
    • Applying the 14 different dance concepts to 12 different monthly themes
    • The benefits of Conceptual Learning for whole child development
    • Naming the 12 Monthly Themes
    • How appropriately integrate props into the classroom
    • Name the Five Stages of Classroom Management
    • Apply appropriate rules, routines and expectations based on age and development of students
    • Understand the age and development of Creative Dance Students
    • Name the room types and layouts of different learning environments
    • Recognize techniques to encourage positive classroom behavior
    • Recreate the components of a “Yes” Environment

Post Conference Assignments

    Learners will need to complete the following Assignments prior to completing their Certification:

    • Write a Mock Lesson Plan including all components in a Creative Dance class. Lesson plans will need to include a detailed list of activities and how they will applied throughout class. Class Lessons must showcase understanding of structuring a class around a Monthly Theme and a Weekly Concept.
    • Create a video showing a progressive Developing Skills section of class flowing into the Story Dance Pathway. Students should create their pathway around a Monthly Theme and Weekly Concept. Participants must film the performance of the pathway and explain what the students are learning as it is completed.
    • All assignments will have due date assigned.

Applied Practicum Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives Applied Practicum

    • Learners will participate in a Mentored Practicum
    • Learners will teach a minimum of 3 maximum of 5 Creative Dance classes. Classes will be observed by a mentor (either in person or via remote observation)
    • Learners will learn how showcase appropriate classroom management techniques based on the age and development of participants
    • Learners will exhibit applied knowledge of the  Dance to Learn® Creative Dance class flow and methods
    • Learners will identify and communicate the benefits to students during each part of the Dance to Learn® class flow
    • Learners will apply feedback and show improvement of teaching skills and knowledge of Dance to Learn® principles throughout the applied practicum

Register for Conference 2 - 1/6 - 2/17/2020 (Early Bird Special SAVE $200)Register for Conference 2

  • What's Included

    • 1 Dance to Learn® License (Licensing is an annual fee of $250 and is only applied once in a 12 year period).
    • 1 year teaching Certificate for the Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum
    • 7 Week Learner’s Conference
    • Mentorship with the Dance to Learn® Founder and Owner – Jessica Strong
    • 1 year access to Dance to Learn® University Access to Curriculum, Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans
    • Access to the Dance to Learn® Educators Teacher’s Forum
    • 30% off all Continued Dance Education Courses
    • 20% off all additional Dance to Learn® Teaching Certifications
  • Renewals

    Certifications are valid for one year from the date of completion of the certification course (which includes the Practicum).

    After the year, the Certificate and License is eligible for renewal. Renewal includes a comprehensive exam, and a class observation. There is a renewal fee $250/year for the Dance to Learn® License (usage of logo, the name Dance to Learn® and Class Descriptions and imagery) as well as a $50 renewal fee for each Teaching Certificate.

  • Sponsored Classes (Optional)

    Educators who complete the Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Certification are eligible to have their classes sponsored through the Dance Exploration, LLC website and program. Dance Exploration, LLC is the original program founded by Jessica Strong, the creator of the Dance to Learn® Curriculum. Dance Exploration, LLC is a Colorado based mobile dance program serving schools in Denver, Jeffco, Douglas County, Cherry Creek and Aurora Schools Districts.


    Sponsored Educators are eligible to teach any Creative Dance class offered at existing schools partnered with Dance Exploration, LLC. Classes are paid based on enrollment ranging from $25-$40/class.

    In Addition, Sponsored Educators are also eligible to host their classes and registrations through the Dance Exploration, LLC Program. This includes classes being listed on the Dance Exploration, LLC Website, a personal website hosted at https://www.dancexploration.co/program-name and as well as a hosted registration platform. Classes hosted on the website are subject to a 70/30 split for all registrations.

Register for Conference 2 - 1/6 - 2/17/2020 (Early Bird Special SAVE $200)Register for Conference 2


  • Live your passion teaching children quality dance education.
  • Low cost, low overhead solution to have the career of your dreams.
  • You choose your hours allowing you more time with your family.
  • Mobile dance studio business model allowing you to bring dance to more children in your community.
  • Continued Dance Education in both dance education and business savvy.
  • Invest in a 10 year proven program.

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Conference 1: 11/4-12/16/2019
Conference 2: 1/6-2/17/2020

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