• 19215 E Cottonwood Dr #713 Parker, CO 80138
  • 09.00 am - 05.00 pm MST

Accept DANCE

The Dance to Learn® Curriculum’s AcceptDANCE™ Class is a Bully Prevention class designed to teach children tolerance and acceptance. The class is centered around the song “Don’t Laugh at Me” by Mark Willis. The song discusses judgement of others’ and that outsiders shouldn’t always judge a book by it’s cover; every person has a story to tell. The AcceptDANCE™ class is a Teacher/Student collaboration class where teachers conduct a series of weekly discussions on topics such as bullying, feelings, tolerance, acceptance  and more. After the discussions, students will work in small groups to create a choreographed piece to the song “Don’t Laugh at Me” to be performed at the final Showcase graduation. Each week a new phrase of the song will be discussed and the teacher and students will discuss each verse, how it makes them feel and how they can incorporate those feelings into movement. The goal of the class is to have children recognize that each of their peers have feelings, each person has insecurities, each person is different and through recognizing how we’re all different, we can recognize that in the end we are all the same…human beings. As children work and move together in groups, they will build trust, patience, tolerance and acceptance for each other to create their common goal: their choreographed piece.