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  • 09.00 am - 05.00 pm MST


The ‘Dance to Learn!’®  Curriculum’s Jr Cheerleading program is an introduction to cheerleading and poms. Designed around the ‘Dance to Learn!’®  Curriculum, our Jr Cheerleading class is designed to teach the whole child through the 5 Methods of Dance™. The 5 Methods of Dance™  have been designed around the stages of childhood development- cognitive thinking and problem solving, gross and fine motor skills, social and language skills and emotional development. The ‘Dance to Accept!’™  method teaches children the importance of accepting each other’s unique talents and how those talents can help the team collectively. The concept of teamwork will be studied during each class! Activities are designed to encourage dancers to work and dance together seamlessly through formations as well as moving together in unison. Cheers/Poms will teach the fundamentals of cheerleading, combined with dancing with pom poms to create fun visual shapes for the audience. Class begins with stretches and warm ups including the basic arm positions of cheerleading and easy cheers and chants as heard on the sidelines. Center work will be themed based through Story Dance Exploration™. Concepts are based on the monthly theme and designed for a creative approach to concept and movement development. Across the floor activities are performed individually and in groups. Movements are taught progressively as part of skill mastery. After skills are mastered individually across the floor, they will be linked and combined together in a Story Dance Pathway™. Story Dance Pathways™  are obstacle courses designed to help children learn the basis of choreography. Age and skill appropriate combinations will also be taught in this class. All assisted lifts and stunts will be taught and only performed under the supervision of the  Dance Educator. Children will not be taught these skills until mastery of basic strength exercises have been accomplished to prevent serious injury. These dance, cheer and simple gymnastics skills are taught as part of the ‘Dance to Move!’™  method. Each month a new theme will be chosen. Switching themes will keep class exciting and help combat boredom and stagnation. Utilizing themes is a part of the ‘Dance to Discover!’™  method to ensure new concepts are explored each week. Children will be given the opportunity to create their own chants and cheer routines as part of the ‘Dance to Express!’™ and ‘Dance to Create!’™methods. This allows the students to build self-confidence and fosters their inner creativity. All classes will include the Terpsichore Literacy Program™ ! This reading readiness program will explore a piece of children’s literature and explore the story through dance, cheers and imaginative play. The Jr Cheerleading classes also include the ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program to provide fun at-home activities to continue the exploration and learning process outside of the classroom.