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MB Pics

The the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Viral Dance class explores the popular dance videos as found on YouTube! Designed around the ‘Dance to Learn!’®  Curriculum and the 5 Methods of Dance™ , our Viral Dance Party class is designed with the whole child in mind. Each week we learn two to three new viral video dances and we will put our own class flare to each dance. The videos kids love the most are

-Harlem Shake
-Gagnam Style
-What Does the Fox Say
-Whip Nae Nae
and more!​

By exploring a new video each week, we follow the guidelines of the ‘Dance to Discover!’™  Method, to keep class interesting and exciting and ensure children are learning as much as possible. Viral Dancers learn age appropriate movements and skills that will test their motor development as well as their spatial awareness as it pertains to the ‘Dance to Move!’™  Method. The class begins with warming up the muscles with stretches, isolations (moving one body part separately from the others), and fun rhythmic patterns and play. Exercises will focus on the video that week. Dancers will be challenged to work in groups with their peers to create their own viral dance to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams to incorporate the ‘Dance to Create!’™ Method. Working in groups will further develop their ability to learn manners, patience, and other important life skills as it relates to the ‘Dance to Accept!’™  Method. Each student will be encouraged to provide input on the creation of their group Viral Dance as part of the ‘Dance to Express!’™  Method.  Teachers follow a “Yes!” Environment where the children feel comfortable and safe working with both their instructor and their peers. Educators also encourage children to make the right choices and nurture their self expression. The Viral dance the groups create, will be performed at the Graduation for family and friends. Viral Dance classes include the the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Family Engagement Program™ to continue the study of dance at home with fun games and activities the whole family can enjoy!​